Exhibition layout

When we first went to the gallery as a group, the girls automatically decided it would be best to have our work displayed together as it’s a group project. Having it split up didn’t make sense and we knew we’d take up a good amount of space so we decided we’d like to go into one of the alcoves.
A layout of the exhibition was drawn up and all print measurements were collected. As well as this all the walls in the gallery were measured which made it easier for the group to work out who could go where without actually going back into the gallery multiple times.
This job was mainly worked out by the curators, Katy, Alex and Lewis. However, others in the class did have a say in the matter. It seemed sensible to have the largest of the prints be the first thing people saw when they walked in. It will be a good introduction to the show and make for an eye-catching first impression. The viewers could then start from the left (as most do) to work around the images and finish at the right-hand side of the gallery where the group project will be laid out.





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