Effects of building

From talking to residents, the general consensus is that the housing plans need to be stopped. The residents are worried not just about themselves, but also for the impact it will have on others and the surrounding environment. Its going to be ruining the rural aethetic which many people strive to uphold.
When there is housing, there need to be proper plans for roads too. This is something that the planners say they have considered, but in reality do not have a good idea on how to deal with the situation. The roads at the moment cannot withstand thousands more cars and will have a significant impact those who use it regularly.
With cars comes fumes, and this is going to have a large effect of noise, light, and air pollution. It will be affecting the animals, residents and also those who enjoy walking around the area.
Local businesses are having to be shut down because of the building too, so its seems to be creating a lot of harm for the community already.
Although most are against this building, there are the few who don’t see a problem. Whilst speeking to some residents, I found that they don’t see the problem. They see the need for housing and dont feel as though it will be effecting them personally.


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