Marc Wilson

Your images are quiet. They are devoid of humans, yet are full of suggestions that humans have inhabited that particular place in some interesting ways. Even your portrait say more about the space your subject takes up than the subject themselves. Is this your mission? If not, what are you trying to say.

In terms of this particular work it is very important for me to make sensitive and subtle images that are respectful of the memories I am depicting. There is no need to add ‘photographic glamour’ to these subjects. I have always been interested in the memories and histories that the landscape and objects within it can hold. To me the suggestion of human presence is what holds my interest more so than a physical presence. I feel it allows a wider audience to imagine themselves in these places. I think that is where my work differs from more traditional documentary photography and photojournalism. It is telling these same stories but in a different way and allows me to look at historical work.
As for my portrait, I guess I set it up in the same way, without really realising it!’ – Interview With Documentary Landscape Photographer, Marc Wilson

Newburgh I, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 2012Sainte-Marguerite-sur-mer, Upper Normandy, France. 2012


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