Artist Research

‘Waltz’s photo series document the side effects of industrial civilisation on the landscape, focusing on places that lie outside the bounds of canonical reception: urban wastelands, abandoned industrial sites, warehouses’ – About Lewis Baltz

On previous occasions when i’ve tried this style of shooting straight on at the subject i find i’m not getting the shot i want. For this reason i was really attracted to Lewis Baltz’s minimalist aesthetic because he makes it look so effortless and simple.
He’s shot in black and white and created a gelatine silver print with a lot of contrast which takes the image away from looking flat and creates a pleasing amount of depth within the work.

Baltz really uses the lines in the houses to form his pictures and draws your attention to certain details in the images just by the way he’s composed the image. He fills the frame with the houses with only a small amount of landscape information in the background so without research the viewer may not be able to determine where these photographs were taken. To me looking at these without any knowledge of the subject would be hard to understand what he’s trying to show through his images. Even so, i’m interested in his way of taking pictures and i’m going to take this on board when I photograph my project.3019653e3f46f635c0087eefe1a8892e1.jpgd119ed7f02d07c83bb48a9ced99d901a1.jpg


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