News Research: Save The Countryside

This ‘Save The Countryside’ website has been set up to educate those concerned, or unaware, about the proposed planning. It details news articles (mainly from Gloucestershire Live), contains important maps which explain where the new houses will be situated, photos of events held in protest and the community coming together to help out, a list of detailed objections clearly stating why the houses should not be built, petitions to sign to help the fight against building as well as key dates to remember for future hearings and documents including posters, badges and logos designed for the Save The Countryside group and those supporting it.  Alongside the logos, posters and badges, there are written objections from the members of the Cheltenham Alliance.Screenshot 2017-02-26 15.19.35.png

  • Here is our formal Objection to the planning application 16/02000/OUT (Elms Park)

Screenshot 2017-02-28 08.12.02.png
Screenshot 2017-02-28 08.20.14.png



Split Opinions:screenshot-2017-02-26-15-22-13


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