First meeting with Anne

Although this wasn’t the first meeting with Anne for the other girls in the group, It was for me because I had been at work the previous meeting.
This meeting was extremely beneficial because they were able to produce maps for us to see where the building was taking place.
They talked about how it was basically¬†a whole new town, and were concerned about the countless negative effects it’s going to bring.
They were helpful by bringing out paper clippings too, and showing how it was a large issue within the community instead of something small that would be forgotten about.
They were able to show us pictures that they’d taken personally and gave them to us as evidence of the unchanged landscape.
They expressed how they were going to be in contact throughout the whole project, and if we had any questions they would be available to talk to.
By having these contacts it’s been helpful because it’s made us more confident about the project and determined to do a good job for them, as well as us.


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