What to consider when going out on a shoot

  1. Planning
    The first thing to concider is planning. I need to have some sort of plan to follow when I go out, because otherwise I’ll be aimlessly shooting with no real goal.
  2. Location
    I need to figure out where I’ll be shooting and what the surrounding area looks like. Will it be easy to walk around/get to? Will I have to get a bus there or is it within walking distance? I need to see what elements of the landscape I can bring forward and use to get my message across.
  3. Weather
    Weather will be a really important factor to consider whilst shooting, as the weather at the moment is rather dull and grey. Its been quite unpredictable too, unfortunately, and changes constantly. Although grey skys is not what i want, I’ll have to work with them at some point and try to use this to my advantage.
  4. Lighting
    I want to try work with different lighting within this project so i’ll be going out at different times of the day. Although the same lighting shows consistency, I want to break the project up by showing I can work with all lighting to my advantage. Something I do want to portray within this project is light polution. This will become a large factor to consider with all these houses being built, so I want to use the darkness of the night in some way to show this.
  5. Lens
    At the moment I only have a 50mm and 35mm to work with. I would get the lenses out the store but they don’t have many good Nikon lenses, and they all seem to be booked out anyway. However, I beleive the lenses I have at the moment will be good enough. I’ll use the 50mm for portraits, and the 35mm for landscapes to get the wider view.
  6. Aperture
    When shooting landscape, the ‘normal’ approach is to have the whole scene, or most of it atleast, in focus by choosing a small aperture to create a greater depth of field. Becuase of this smaller aperture I’ll be using a tripod and higher ISO (depending on time of day and light) to make sure I get the best result.
  7. Tripod
    Again, I’ll be using a tripod to make sure my camera is completely still whist taking the image. I may consider a cable shutter release to reduce camera shake further.
  8. Background
    When considering what to include in the background, I’ll be thinking about the lighting, weather and what the sky looks like that day. If theres a good, blue sky I’ll be letting that show in the image to create contrast with the green fields. If the sky is dull and grey, I may consider cutting it out slightly, and letting the fields take center stage.
    If the sky is grey, I may also alter and enhance them in post production if I feel they’re a valuable part of the image.

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